Meetup #3: Scrum-But and Agile Anti-Patterns

Agile Beirut had the honor hosting, with the sponsorship of Antwork and Agile Alliance, it’s third meetup titled “Scrum-But and Agile Anti-Patterns” on October 02 at Antwork premises, Spears, Kantari, Beirut, Lebanon.

The Slides


ScrumButs” are reasons why teams can’t take full advantage of Scrum to solve their problems and realize the full benefits of product development using Scrum.

ScrumAnd” is today’s way forward to help people increase the benefits realized through their manifestation of Scrum. 

During this event we tackled seven popular ScrumButs that most teams experienced during their Scrum journey.

  • Waterfall – We’ve already planned the next 6 sprints.”
  • “The Routine – Our sprint is 6 weeks long sprints.”
  • “Not multi-disciplinary-The Development Team only consists of software developers.”
  • “Not self-organizing-“We can’t trust the team with authority to self-organised yet.”
  • “The Metrics-“Estimates are deadlines.”
  • The Metrics-“Our burn-down only burns-down on Friday.”
  • The Spikes-“DoD: ‘There are no bugs/defects.’
  • Practices – “We don’t have time to work on technical debt.”

And seven ScrumAnds

  • “We do Sprint Zero.”
  • “We have Grooming/Refinement sessions.”
  • “We limit WIP (Work In Progress).”
  • “We all do exploratory testing when needed.”
  • “We do pair programming.”
  • “We have prioritization sessions.”
  • “Our team members have T-shaped skills.”

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