Meetup#6: Explore The New Scrum Guide 2020, Together

This year, Scrum turns 25! To make this anniversary extra special, the co-creators of Scrum, Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland, created a new version of the Scrum Guide. On November 18th this new edition will be announced publicly.

On Saturday November 28, Agile Beirut hosted it’s sixth meetup online to discuss and explore the changes together. What’s the impact of the changes as a Scrum practitioner? How does it impact the Scrum Team and organization? What can you do, as practitioner, differently from now on?

Robert and Hicham discussed many key changes, some of them were identified below:

  • Scrum Teams commit to a single, long-term Product Goal to give focus and order to their work on a product (and say “No” to everything else)
  • Roles are reframed to “Accountabilities” to emphasize that it’s not about the title, but how each is accountable for empiricism
  • The Scrum Team now makes three commitments to uphold empiricism; to the Product Goal, the Sprint Goal and the Definition of Done.
  • The Scrum Guide is even less prescriptive to create more space for contextual solutions that make Scrum work better

The slides can be downloaded here

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